How to Create a New Dial-up Connection in Windows NT 4.0.

1. Open My Computer, then double-click on Dial-up Networking.

2. If you have not created a connection previously, the Make New Connection Wizard starts automatically. Click OK. If you do not get Make New Connection Wizard, skip to Step 7.

3. Under Name the new phonebook entry, type in Ripco. Leave a check-mark out of I know all about phonebook entries and would rather edit the properties directly and click Next.

4. Put a check-mark next to I am calling the Internet. Click Next.

5. Enter the Local Access Number for you area. Leave out the check-mark next to Use Telephony dialing properties. Click Next.

6. Click Finish

7. Make sure the name of the connection you just made is selected under Phonebook entry to dial.

9. Click the More button below the entry to dial, and from the menu, choose Edit entry and modem properties.

10. Under the Basic tab at the top:

11. Your modem should be listed at the top, along with what COM Port it is installed on. Be sure Enable hardware flow control is UNchecked. A check next to Disable modem speaker is optional.

12. Next to Initial speed (bps), set it as follows:

After all necessary changes have been made, click OK.

12. Back in the Edit Phonebook Entry window, click on the Server tab at the top. The following information should be selected:

13. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

14. The following options should be selected:

Click OK after all necessary changes have been made.

15. Back in the Edit Phonebook Entry window, click on the Script tab at the top. A dot should be next to None. Click the Security tab at the top.

16. A dot should be next to Accept any authentication including clear text. click the X.25 tab at the top.

17. Next to Network, (none) should be listed in the drop-down menu and all the other areas left blank. After all necessary changes have been made, click OK.

18. Back in Dial-up Networking window, click on the More button and select Create shorcut to entry. This will place it on your desktop. You may close the Dial-up Networking window.

19. To connect to the Internet, double-click on the connection icon on your desktop and enter your username, preceded by a captial P and password and click Connect. For example if your username is joe, you would type in Pjoe.