How to Create a New Dial-up Connection in Windows 2000

1. Open My Computer, then Control Panel.

2. From there double-click on Network and Dial-Up Connections, then double-click Make New Connection.

3. Click Next.

4. Make sure a dot is next to Dial-up to private network. Click Next.

5. Enter your local access number and click Next.

5. Make sure a dot is next to For all users. Click Next.

6. Leave everything un-checked and click Next.

7. Under Type the name you want to use for this connection, enter Ripco. A check-mark next to Add a shortcut to my desktop is optional. Click Finish.

8. That should take you directly to a connection screen where you will input the following information:

9. Click the Dial button in the lower-left corner. This should connect you to Ripco.