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Helping Us Help You
Please know that we value your patronage and will do everything within reason to enable you to use your Ripco services in the manner you desire. Please read the following information to help you know what to expect and how best to work with us to resolve your support issues.

No special software is required to use Ripco services. And, though we don't provide software of any kind, we can generally help you use our services with the software you have or can direct you to useful software. Purchasing and/or downloading software we suggest is at your own risk. We can not guarantee the quality or integrity of another vendor's products. We strongly suggest you implement some type of virus protection and mail filtering software on your computer. We filter at the server level, but can not guarantee we'll block all dangerous or bothersome traffic.

On our FAQ page, you'll find some helpful information about:

Please check these first if you have access to the internet.

If you don't have access to the internet...
and are having difficulty using Ripco services, please contact us at 773-528-5020. With exception of holidays, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, you can usually expect to have someone answering the phone who can assist you directly. In those cases where you reach our call center during these hours, we will get that message within an hour or so and will return your call promptly. Outside normal business hours, calling this number will put you in touch with our call center. These individuals, though helpful and courteous, can not provide any technical asstance. They can and do, however, get in touch with us and do under the following circumstances:

In these cases, our call center pages us. We look at the problem as soon as possible and determine if the problem is system-wide or isolated. If it is system-wide, we will contact our call center and let them know the information to provide our callers. If it is isolated and we are able to fix it, we will. We will not always be able to return your call in this case, so we recommend waiting one hour and then trying to connect again. If you are still unable to connect, please call in again and let them know. They may have more information at that point or simply page us again with your issue. If we determine it to be an isolated case which requires your involvement, or there's no apparent Ripco cause for the problem, you will be contacted by one of our staff early the next business day. Unless otherwise directed, our call center will not page us on the third such call.

If you do have access to the internet...
go to our Contact page and use the form provided there. We will receive an e-mail quickly with your issue. Or, simply use the following e-mail addresses:

For technical support, e-mail
For billing questions, e-mail
For general questions, e-mail

Having said all that, we are a small shop and are generally working longer hours than M-F 9AM-5PM from our homes. So, you may have your call returned in the evening or on weekends occasionally. In these cases our calls will display on your caller id as Private Number. If you have these calls blocked, we will be unable to reach you. If we are unable to get through on the first call, we will call you at the earliest opportunity on the following business day.