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Payment Policy
To make a payment, click here.

Please direct any billing questions to or call our offices during regular business hours M-F 9a-5p at 773-528-5020.

All payments are due in advance of service. NO EXCEPTIONS! If your payment is past due, your account is subject to deactivation. Although we have in the past allowed a "grace period" to receive your payment, we reserve the right to deactivate your account on the first day it is past due. We're generally understanding to a degree if you contact us during our normal business hours let us know if a payment will be late. So, just give us a call during regular business hours. Commercial Accounts, however, are subject to late fees and reconnection fees as follows:

$5 on the 16th and 31st day after your payment was due.
$15 reconnect fee is assessed on the 46th day when your account is deactivated.

All past due and current amounts as well as late fees assessed are due prior to reactivating an account. If you do not wish to reactivate your account, your web site files can be provided to you on CD-ROM for $55.

We accept Visa/Mastercard payments, money orders and checks to Ripco Communication, Inc.. No cash payments will be accepted without prior notification and approval. We also accept payment through PayPal. Please direct these payments to Visa/Mastercard payments can be set up to be automatically taken monthy, quarterly, semi-annually or annually at your discetion. If have set up automatic payments in this manner, we require 2 weeks written notice to insure your card will not be charged incorrectly.

Refunds within the first two weeks of service are permitted with written notice of account cancellation mailed to our offices at:

3320 W. Foster Ave. STE 242, Chicago, IL 60625

Any other refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally if you have prepaid for several months of service, we will refund "whole months, only." If you have prepaid for 3 months and have used 6 weeks of service, you will be refunded an amount equal to one month's service fee.

If your check is returned by the bank for any reason, a $10 returned check fee will be applied to your account and your account will be subject to immediate deactivation. We will likely make an attempt to contact you prior to taking this action to give you the opportunity to make other payment arrangements.

We do not accept computer systems or components left here as collateral for payment of any kind under any circumstances. However, co-location customers wishing to cancel service, must pay any amount past due up to the date of disconnection in order to retrieve their equipment.

No paper billing is provided to dial-up only service clients. You will receive a notice beginning 10 days from the expirataion date on your account, alerting you to send in a payment.

Commercial web hosting clients will receive account statements by US Mail in any month where there is a balance due or a payment has been made. These statements serve as your invoice and bill payment record. If you require any special information on your statements, please contact for assistance. Additional charges may apply for custom billing solutions.

Support Policy

There are many wonderful advantages to working with a small company like ours. Not the least of which is, during normal business hours, you will most likely be speaking to someone who can assist you directly with your issue. Of course, one of the disadvantages is that a small staff has to sleep sometime! So our support policy is based on the following guidelines:

1. Monday thru Friday 9AM - 5PM our staff will be available to you to resolve any technical issues. This means that when you call 773-528-5020 during these hours (except holidays), the person who answers the phone will be able to help you or has direct access to the appropriate person. On those rare occasions when our call center is receiving calls during those hours, we are checking those messages every hour.

2. After hours and on weekends and holidays, all calls are directed to our call center. Please see our Support page for more information about this process. Suffice it to say, we are seldom more than a few steps from a computer screen and thus are monitoring systems remotely during off hours, as well. Our call center is trained to help us identify call trends to determine if a possible system-wide problem exists. If the problem you reported does not clear up within an hour, please call back. The chances are, we saw the message, looked into the problem and fixed it. If that is not the case, our call center may have more information for you on the 2nd call. Repeated calls to our call center for problems we have identified as non-Ripco issues are strongly discouraged and may result in a delay of ultimately resolving the issue. We will contact you as early as possible on the next business day for issues which appear not to be a problem at Ripco.

3. If we determine that an after hours return call is warranted we will try to contact you at the phone number you left with the call center. If we do not reach you and are unable to leave a voicemail, we will make another attempt on the following business day. Calls after hours will appear on Caller ID systems as a "Private Number". If you have a privacy manager feature turned on on your phone, we will be unable to reach you. In order to protect the privacy of our staff, we do not allow them to provide home telephone numbers. It is up to the discretion of each staff member whether or not to disclose a mobile phone number.

For more information on support click here.