Ripco is:
· Chicago's oldest and most reliable Internet Service Provider
· Family owned and operated, and has been since the start.

Who is Ripco?
Ripco provides personal and commercial Internet access for the Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana areas, as well as national web hosting for personal and business web sites.

Ripco has recently been referred to as "the indestructible Tonka Truck of Chicago internet services." Our reputation dates back to the earliest days of bulletin boards (yes, BEFORE the Internet!) when our commitment to providing affordable, reliable access to Chicagoland area began.

Officially incorporated as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in 1993, we have always been family-owned and operated. We maintain our reputation by striving for reliability, rather than striving to be on the cutting edge. Technology changes rapidly, but not always for the better. Ripco changes judiciously, when our customers needs do, not when the latest and greatest technology is introduced.

What can Ripco do for you?
Ripco provides dial-up Internet access in a variety of ways to suit novice users and "techno-jocks" alike. We offer three different types of analog dial-up service, 64K & 128K ISDN access and high-speed leased lines.

Ripco also provides…

See our Services page or contact us for details!